100% organic soy wax candles in mason jars

Whats in a Jar?

A Bouquet of Aroma, a Twist from Indulgence

100% Organic

All candles contain 100% organic soy wax derived from soybeans grown on local farms. Soy wax is a renewable resource that burns slowly and evenly. It is also the healthiest candle wax, sustainable for our growing environment.

Rich Scents

We craft our candles chock-full of delectable scents leaving any room smelling savory for days. Each candle is hand poured with equal fragrance distribution throughout the candle; ensuring an aromatic burn throughout the life of the candle.


Whether you’re furnishing your kitchen, living room, dining room or bathroom, there is a jar and scent to summon the occasion. A custom lid to suit your style: From contemporary lids like Gunmetal Black & Copper to more antique lids such as Galvanized Zinc, Silver & Rust.


Each candle is carefully poured into a classic Mason jar. This 16oz vintage piece makes a lasting companion that can be repurposed over and over with sustained charm long after your candle wick has burnt out.

The Devil's in the Details

When you get a Mason Jar Candle, you're getting a jar for life
Mason Jar Candles

Mason Jars have been an iconic staple in american history dating back to when John Landis Mason created the first "wax sealer" jar in 1858. We’ve combined the greatness of the classic Mason Jar with a classy new edge. Each jar comes with your choice of a unique lid and decadent scent. The fragrances are to die for and sustain a long lasting burn that’ll keep you wanting more. If you share the love of the Mason Jar, than we hope you'll find a great way to re-purpose your vintage jar for a new use long after the candlelight goes out. Mason Jar Candles, Inc. stands for integrity, purity, preservation and warmth. Our goal is simple: Craft quality and charming candles while keeping renewable resources and environmental sustainability top of mind. We use best-of-breed, all-natural, eco-friendly ingredients to make top-notch, strong scented candles that burn clean and last long.

  • 9%-12% Blend for the Perfect Aroma

  • ~165 Degree Melting Point

  • 100+ Hours of Quality Burn Time

  • 100% Soy wax Emits Clean Air Quality

Our Goals & Mission

Our goal as a candle maker and supplier is to deliver a high quality candle at an affordable price. We do everything from producing the candles to wholesale and distribute direct to retailer and consumer. We produce eco-friendly scented candles so that candle lovers can buy the products they love at reasonable prices. Our candles are made using biodegradable soy wax made from organic soy farms. For every candle purchased we donate a portion of the proceeds to help fund charities focused on curing mental illnesses, including Bipolar disorder and curing cancer for children. All Rights Reserved.

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