5 Ways to add Charm to your Wedding with Mason Jars

Mason jar candles and your repurposed Mason jars are the perfect elements to incorporate into a wedding.  Versatile, rustic, fashionable, eye-catching, and practical; these candles and jars can be used in a number of different ways during the ceremony, and into the future!  100% organic soy wax infused with your choice of 5 different alluring scents make for incredible additions to the wedding atmosphere.  Check out these 5 ideas for how Mason jar candles and Mason jars can be used:

  1. Pew Markers

Every wedding needs special pew markers to line the aisles, and our candles are the ones for the job!  They can be placed or hung down the aisles to provide a truly unique charm and fill the area with a splendid scent.  In addition, your repurposed Mason jars can hold flowers for the pew markers, or contain symbolic memorabilia pertaining to the bride and groom.  


  1. Drinking Glasses/Take Home Keepsakes

What better way to include Mason jars in the wedding than to give them a dual purpose?  After you specially mark your jars and distribute them as drinking glasses, all your guests will want to take them home as a refreshing reminder of the good times.  Cheers!


  1. Special Scents in the Reception Areas

Have different areas of reception or multiple rooms that you think need to be better defined?  Then bring the astounding scents of Mason jar candles to each space!  One room Fields of Lavender, another Coconut Mango, the next Jasmine; you get the idea!

Mason Jar Candle - Black Lid


  1.  Desserts!

The timeless allure of Mason jars and the irresistibility of homemade desserts make for an epic team.  Scoop some ice cream into the jars and throw them on ice, or even use them for some wedding-themed snacks.  


  1.  More Wedding Favors

Give the jars more chances to do what they do best: hold things!  Have them hold wedding themed treats such as M&M’s, strawberries, crackers, cookies, mints, etc.  Your guests will be thrilled with the delicious and repurposeful wedding favors.  


Whether you’re a wedding planner or planning your own wedding, be sure to check out our Mason jar wedding candles and wholesale discounts for your next event!

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