February 23, 2016

For Antique Shops

Do you own an Antique Store or run a shop in an Antique Mall?

If so, have you tried scented candles for staging your furniture?

Antique Mason Jar Candles

Antique Mason Jar Candles

If you haven’t, you just may be missing out on a huge and now obvious technique that real estate brokers and investors have known for decades.  The retail business of buying and selling is no mystery.  You buy low, sell high and the margin in the middle is your take home.  Most any retailer shop owner going into business has some sense on how to do this well, otherwise, they wouldn’t stay in business very long.  The difference between the ones that simply stay afloat and the ones that do really well is quick sales turnover.   How do you convert more of your in store browsers into paying shoppers?

When you look at a vintage shop like an Antique Store, you’ll see a lot of pieces made of wood:  Desks, Shelving, Bookcases, Dressers, the list goes on.  Having great pieces is obviously very important, however, almost as important as a good piece is good staging.  The reason for this is that not all shoppers have as creative an eye as the buyer of the shop (often they don’t), so it takes a little dressing up of the piece to help your prospective customer envision it in full use.  Items like books, photos and glassware are all common to add light to an aged furnishing, but is that enough?

If you really want to give life to an old piece while increasing the interest of a store browser, the key is candles.  Yes, Candles.  The reason for this is four-fold:

Vintage Mason Jar Candles

Vintage Mason Jar Candles

  • Customers Browse Longer – Candles are one of the most frequently picked up items in retail stores.  People are constantly curious and interested to see what a candle will smell like.  So they stop, pick it up and give it a sniff.   This gives them time to pause, admire whats in front of them while they bask in the fragrance.
  • Scents are Irresistible – When you put the right scent in front of your customers, they are likely to enjoy their experience more.  When you smell a flower or scent you resonate strongly with, it often makes you feel good; even capable of bringing a smile.  A happy shopper is more likely to make a purchase.
  • Smell is tied to Memory – In addition to smelling great.  The sense of smell is the strongest of all the senses tied to memory.  People don’t forget a beloved smell.  Once they smell it, they’ll want to keep coming back to it.
  • Beautify Your Shop –  Artisan, vintage Mason jar candles go perfectly with antiques.  Nothing shows classic like the historic Mason jar, and the Old-Tyme Rust & Galvanized Silver go great amongst nearly any piece.  In addition to their charm, candles are one of the top contributors to home sales when it comes to staging.  So why stop there?

The right candle on a piece can be one of the most enriching stage items to accompany a great piece of furniture. Our Mason jar candles go great on nearly all wooden furniture, while our vintage lids complement older, antique styled furniture exceptionally well.

We offer widely familiar scents like lavender and jasmine that are hard scents to go unrecognized. Try out a scent in your antique shop and you’ll not only be doing your pieces justice, you’ll have another product on the shelf that has a great chance to sell itself.