Organic Candles

Why Organic Candles?

Why Are Organic Candles “in”? We are living in a world of green trends where the most contemporary and stylish products often have some form of environmental consciousness.  Maybe you’re tired of seeing these products everywhere, or maybe you’re pleased with how the world is shifting focus.  Either way, when we think about candles, we Read more about Why Organic Candles?[…]


Wholesale Mason jar candles for boutique stores?

Retail owners — What does Monopoly, Swiss army knives and Mason jar candles have in common? A story about why companies are successful that wholesale Mason jar candles …. As a buyer or owner to a retail store, it can be difficult keeping up with the trends. One moment you’re seeing everyone wearing a yellow Lance Read more about Wholesale Mason jar candles for boutique stores?[…]

Lavender candles

Can Lavender Scented Candles Really Help You Sleep?

Can Lavender Scented Candles Really Help You Sleep? Its been said that lavender scented candles can be an integral sleeping aide for your nighttime ritual. The lavender herb dates back in culture to ancient Greek and Roman times. It’s grown mainly for the production of the lavender essential oil.   English lavender is the most popular Read more about Can Lavender Scented Candles Really Help You Sleep?[…]

Are you burning Green Candles?

Are you burning Green Candles? When we stop to look at the revolutionizing changes that our world is going through, environmentally, it seems as though products from all industries are going green. From automobiles to agriculture, consumers are afforded the ability to buy and use products that contain safe, clean and renewable ingredients to help Read more about Are you burning Green Candles?[…]

7 Ways to Repurpose a Mason Jar for your Bathroom

New Ways to Repurpose a Mason Jar for your Bathroom… Here are some clever ways that you can repurpose your beautiful Mason jar for your bathroom once your candle has burnt out. So keep it from finding its way to a landfill or recycling plant and extend its life in one of these nifty nuances.   Plants – Never Read more about 7 Ways to Repurpose a Mason Jar for your Bathroom[…]

What Actually Gives a Candle Its Scent?

How Much “Throw”, Do I Go? The degree of scent a candle emits while ablaze is often referred to as the “throw”. The throw is a combo of density and distance the aroma carries astray, from the candle.  The next time you’re in a store picking out a candle for the bathroom, foyer or living room, you may Read more about What Actually Gives a Candle Its Scent?[…]

Mason Jar Carrot Juicer

5 Instant Ways to Repurpose a Mason Jar candle in your Kitchen

After 80-100 hours of burn time together, you may find yourself a bit connected to your Mason Jar candle. Once your flame has been reduced to a wick tab and light remnants of wax residue, you may begin to go through notions of serious withdrawal. In short time your candle and Mason jar could be on its way out of your life, forever.

But wait.

What if there was a way to keep the jar? Reuse it for an alternate purpose?

Well my friend… you’re in luck, because here are 5 brilliant ways you can keep that beautiful Mason jar glowing in your sun-filled kitchen for time to come!

1. Flower Vase – Whether you have room on your window sill or next to your sink, you can easily find space for your 16oz Mason jar and a few gorgeous daffodils. For larger Mason jars, you can fit nearly a full bouquet of roses in your jar.

Mason Jar Flower Vase

Mason Jar Flower Vase

2. Sponge Holder – With a 3 inch wide-mouth opening, the Mason jar is a perfect size to hold 2-3 sponges.  Never let your sponges go missing, nor slip down the disposal.

Mason Jar Sponge Holder

Mason Jar Sponge Holder


The Mason Jar Candle

Mason jar candles come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, scents and hues.  With growing popularity, the mason jar has become one of the most iconic candles you can find.  Candles have always come in your typical glass jar or pillar style, but the jar rarely was distinguishable from one to the next.  You may Read more about The Mason Jar Candle[…]

History of the good ol’ Mason Jar

From canning jars to flower pots, the mason jar has long been a staple collectable for housewares. Dating back to as early as the civil war, the mason jar has been used to contain and preserve perishable foods, including: fruits, nuts, pasta, pies, vegetables & much more. The original mason jar brand was introduced by the Ball Corporation. Read more about History of the good ol’ Mason Jar[…]

When a candle told time…

When we think of traditional timekeeping, what often comes to mind are mechanical devices such as the watch and clock. Prior to these modern concepts, people relied on various clever methods, including: The hourglass, various astrological signs,sundials, pendulums, chronometers and even candles. Yes, Candles! For centuries, people have used candles for various timekeeping measures. While Read more about When a candle told time…[…]