April 27, 2016

Bulk Candles

Looking for a large quantity of jar candles?  Well you’ve come to the right place to buy candles in bulk.  We sell the most sought after jar candle you can find…. a Mason jar candle!Mason jar candles in Bulk

Candles comes in many different shapes and sizes.  Nowadays, most candles are purchased for the vessel or container that they come in.  Repurposing a jar has become mainstream and thats one thing that we strongly support!  We believe a good jar should yell “reuse me”.  No other jar has stood the test of time like the classic Mason jar.  They’re used in literally hundreds of different ways and more creative ways are being found all the time.  So if you’re purchasing candles in bulk, the Mason jar candles is the one to go with!

When To Buy Candles in Bulk:

  • Weddings
  • Home Decor
  • Furniture Staging
  • Events & Ceremonies
  • Dinner Parties
  • Restaurants, Hotels & Churches

Each of these events can be greater appreciate with the right ambiance and candles add just the right touch of romance to garner your special occasion.  Mason jar candles are classic and vintage which lends to a wide range of acceptable settings.  Our candles have been used in the following ways:

Where to Use Candles in Bulk

  • Beaches for style
  • Churches for lighting
  • Home Decor for staging
  • Weddings for party favors
  • And Much, Much more…

Our candles are not only reasonably priced, they are also a great buy because of their long lasting burn time.  Each candle last a minimum of 80 hours and when burned in the proper way, can last up to 120 hours long.  Thats 7.5 hours of burn time per ounce!

Who We Sell Bulk Candles To

Wedding Planners – If you’re a wedding planner that plans weddings frequently.  Mason jar candles are a great way for you to bring a great product to your clients at a great price.  Wedding couples have been known to put a custom label on the candle lid as a signature and memorabilia keepsake for attendees to take home.

Stagers – Whether you’re a real estate agent or a professional stager, you know the importance of staging a home.  One way to keep musty smells out while making a home look nice is by decorating it with candles in select rooms.  Lit or unlit, our candles give off just a strong enough fragrance to reach throughout the room without overtaking it.  Great for bathrooms, master bedrooms and anywhere with vintage furniture.

Event Hosts – Anytime you’re getting together with friends and family its a special occasion.  It can be nice to have a supply of candles to set out on patio, porch or deck to light up the night.  Its a great way to decorate your dinner tables as well.  In the summertime they’re great for keeping bugs and mosquitoes away as an added bonus.

How to Buy Candles in Bulk

A single Mason jar candle costs $25/candle with shipping.  While reasonably priced for a single candle of this size, we understand it can get rather costly for an event or a party favor.  For purchasing a bulk order of candles, we provide discounts from 25%-55% off the retail price.  Below is our pricing for bulk candle orders:

One-Time Event (1-2 cases) ………………………………….. $14 per candle

Occasional Event (3-4 cases) ………………………………………………… $13 per candle

Frequent Events (5-7 cases) …………………………………………………. $12 per candle

Large Events (8-20 cases) ………………………………………….. $11 per candle

*Candles come 12 per case

Interested in larger quantities?  Submit your info at the form below and let us know how many you’re interested in and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Have Additional Questions?

Check out our FAQ’s on purchasing candles in bulk

Do I have to purchase all one lid/scent type?   No, you may mix and match your choice of lids and fragrances.  However, you must purchase in multiples of (6) six, or half case.

Do I need to purchase shipping insurance?  No.  Shipping insurance is included for free and insurance for the full value of the shipment.

Am I able to pickup to avoid shipping costs?  Yes, pickup is available during our business hours (Monday-Friday).  There is no charge to schedule a pickup.

Do you accept returns?  Yes, we do.  If you are unsatisfied with your purchase or they arrived differently than described, you may return them with 15 days of the dates of your purchase for a full product refund.  Shipping costs are non-refundable. 

Can we order candles and have them shipped Internationally?  Yes, we are able to ship internationally.  Feel free to provide us the address of where you’d like the candles shipped and we can provide an estimate.

I own a store and am looking to carry a candle line that can sell for a long time.  Would we still purchase via bulk pricing?  Actually, No.  In addition to our bulk candle pricing, we also wholesale candles through our retailer program, created specifically for retail shops.