February 12, 2016

Fragrance List

Candle Fragrances

“Mason Jar Candles are not only classic, their scents are to die for!”  ~ Gloria’s Antiques

Nothing says great candle more than an everlasting, irresistible scent.  When it comes to crafting a high-quality candle it starts with high-quality essential oils.  Good fragrance oil is atop the list of importance when trying to achieve a top quality, full-bodied aroma.  At Mason Jar Candles, Inc we believe if you aren’t dying to light your candle every time you walk in the room, then its likely not the candle for you.  Our candles are poured with that in mind.

In order to achieve best of breed candle fragrances, you must go well beyond simply selecting a great fragrance oil.  Here are a few of the areas we pay high attention to detail, which embodies why our scented candles have our customers coming back month after month.

When we set out to select our first scents, we met with perfumists every chance we could.  We learned all the nuances for matching top quality essential oils with todays best soy wax.  We did trial and error through hundreds of different curing temperatures and even experienced with multiple different wick sizes to ensure we had it right.  Each of our classic Mason jar candles has a consistent pour of essential oils throughout the candle so you’ll have a reliable burn and scent throughout the life of each candle.

Candle Fragrances & Scent Descriptions

Lavender Fields – A bouquet of lavender sprigs infused with 9% natural essential oils.  (A perfect fit for a powder room)

Jasmine Strongest Scent.  If you’ve ever walked past a Jasmine tree and wished you could take it home with you, then you’re in luck!  This sweet and sensuous aroma packs a pungent punch of florals with fragrant notes of jasmine leading the way.  This candle contains a tenacious 11.5% fragrance oil.  (Able to spread through even the largest of rooms)

French Flower Garden –  A concocting blend of potpourri, this exquisite scent of spring contains all florals one could hope for:  Lily, Gardenia, Rose & Violet culminate into the most beautiful basket of fresh flowers you’ve chanced upon.  It feels like the first of spring everyday.

Coconut MangoMost Irresistible. This fragranced candle will put you in the setting of sitting under a beach umbrella on a sandy beach.  The fruity coconut balanced with notes of mango are a perfect blend for your tropical getaway.

Red Currant – Most Popular. This gem is a diamond in the rough for any red currant lover.  Compacting notes of rose and geranium, you’ll love this punchy fragrance thats just enough scent to leave you wanting more.

Our candle fragrances list is short but it packs an incredible punch.  Each one of our scented candles contains a high dose of fragrance oil and will rival the best amongst top quality soy wax candles.  If you’re in search for the best scented soy wax candle, then you absolutely must try our Jasmine for its incredibly pungent scent.  If you love our Mason jars and stylish collectible lids but theres a scent you’d like to see, please let us know, we’ll be adding many new scents in 2016 and would love to hear from YOU!

What scented candle would you like to see next?