Organic Candles

Why Organic Candles?

Why Are Organic Candles “in”? We are living in a world of green trends where the most contemporary and stylish products often have some form of environmental consciousness.  Maybe you’re tired of seeing these products everywhere, or maybe you’re pleased with how the world is shifting focus.  Either way, when we think about candles, we[…]

Wholesale Candles

3 Simple Reasons to Wholesale Candles

3 Simple Reasons to Wholesale Candles Some retail businesses overlook candles as a real money maker.  Candles are an amazingly versatile product that will fit the needs of a wide range of customers.  Old or young, people never seem to steer far away from candles.  Even in the hottest of summers, or the coldest of winters,[…]

Mothers Day Candles

Need a Last Minute Mom’s Day Gift?… Get Mothers Day Candles!

Whats Mothers Day without Mothers Day Candles? Sunday is almost here and you know what that means–Mother’s Day is just around the corner, presenting many of us with the panicked question: “What do I get for my mother (or aunt, grandmother, friend, etc.)?”  How do we know this to be true?  Because we’ve all found[…]


How to Brew Iced Coffee in a Mason Jar

How to Brew Iced Coffee in a Mason Jar With summer just around the corner, its time to gear up for iced coffee season.  This delicious cold beverage is a favorite among lots of people, including ours!  Why not indulge a bit in style this time around? Did you know jars also make for unique drinking glasses[…]

Climate Change - Earth Day

Make a Difference this Earth Day with Mason Jar Candles Inc. & A.U.M. Films

Attention Environmentalists! Today is Earth Day! So we thought it would be a good time to share what is important to us and how together we can do our part in ensuring a sustainable environment and future for not just ourselves but generations to come.   One measure we take here at Mason Jar Candles[…]

Terrarium Mason Jar

After Your Candle Burns Out…Make A Terrarium!

80+ hours of wonderful candle scents has gone by…now what do you do with your Mason jar? We love Mason jars for their classic aesthetic and virtually endless uses (like containing our candles!).  However, there’s one use that is particularly awesome: creating your own Terrarium!  A Terrarium is a small plant environment usually made in[…]

Mason Jar Cups

5 Ways to add Charm to your Wedding with Mason Jars

Mason jar candles and your repurposed Mason jars are the perfect elements to incorporate into a wedding.  Versatile, rustic, fashionable, eye-catching, and practical; these candles and jars can be used in a number of different ways during the ceremony, and into the future!  100% organic soy wax infused with your choice of 5 different alluring[…]