Are you burning Green Candles?

Are you burning Green Candles? When we stop to look at the revolutionizing changes that our world is going through, environmentally, it seems as though products from all industries are going green. From automobiles to agriculture, consumers are afforded the ability to buy and use products that contain safe, clean and renewable ingredients to help Read more about Are you burning Green Candles?[…]

When a candle told time…

When we think of traditional timekeeping, what often comes to mind are mechanical devices such as the watch and clock. Prior to these modern concepts, people relied on various clever methods, including: The hourglass, various astrological signs,sundials, pendulums, chronometers and even candles. Yes, Candles! For centuries, people have used candles for various timekeeping measures. While Read more about When a candle told time…[…]