February 23, 2016

Charities We Support

At Mason Jar Candles Inc., one of the pillars we stand for is giving back.  As members of our community, we believe its our duty to serve those around us as well as people in need, regardless of where they are located.  In San Francisco, we are fortunate to be a part of a diverse and progressive culture where all people are respected and treated fairly.  We hope to bestow our values with others to promote an enriching environment where people help others and share time, money and wealth.

As our company grows we make it a priority to remember who we are, where we came from and what we’re out to achieve.  We look forward to the opportunity where we can donate all of our profits to selected charitable organizations.  Currently, we donate between 10-15% of all profits to charity.  We expect that number to rise every year as we scale and our fixed costs reduce in percentage of sales.

In our short span, we are honored to be working with several charitable organizations that are doing so great in the world.  Our focus remains open-minded in where we donate our funds, simply for the fact that we want to be able to support people and causes in most dire need.  If tragedy strikes, we will work to make supporting that cause our top priority.  In general circumstance, we promote and support the following causes:

Charitable Causes Currently Supported

  • Education for those in Poverty – In America, roughly 30 million children are growing up in poverty.  Books are not available to many children, and drop out rates among teens are significantly higher than in schools above the poverty line.  We must invest in the future of our people and fight to help those less fortunate.
  • World Hunger – There are roughly 795 million people in the world that are under and/or malnourished and go hungry everyday.  This number is down 167 million people over the last decade; even with a fast rising population.  We are making great reductions, however, children are still dying every day from hunger.  Poor nutrition causes almost half (45%) of deaths in children under five years of age in developing countries.  It is our hope that by the year 2030 this number is reduced to zero.
  • The Global Environment – The world in which we live in is under greater threat today than any time in history.  Our oceans are under attack.  Rainforests are being depleted daily by the hectare.  Global warming has reached epic heights.  We must make significant changes to our lifestyle now before we commit irreversible damage to our wilting environment.
  • Mental Health Awareness & Homelessness – Mental health disorders have always received less attention from both medical scientists and insurance coverage.  In America alone, about 1 in 17 people suffer from serious mental illness.  More than 90% of people that commit suicide have a diagnosable mental disorder.  These diseases can cause excruciating heartache and pain to both the people that suffer from them as well as their family and friends close to them.

The world is full of challenges, some greater than others.  We hope that together with your help, we can make a real impact to fight for some of the greatest threats and challenges we face today, both here at home and around the globe.  Your support truly helps in making the world we live in a better, sustainable and beautiful place for everyone and everything we share it with.

How your candle purchase will directly impact

For every 2 candles purchased, you will be helping to provide a new book in a classroom

For every 6 candles purchased, you will be feeding one hungry child for 3-4 weeks

If you donate to a trustworthy charity that you support and falls into one of the causes above, please let us know.  We currently work with some of the larger charities that we know are well run and know where the funds go.  However, we are always open to evaluating a new organization, especially specialized charities doing great things that are in need.