Make a Difference this Earth Day with Mason Jar Candles Inc. & A.U.M. Films

Attention Environmentalists! Today is Earth Day! So we thought it would be a good time to share what is important to us and how together we can do our part in ensuring a sustainable environment and future for not just ourselves but generations to come.  

One measure we take here at Mason Jar Candles Inc. is producing 100% of our candles with organic soy wax and renewable ingredients.  Not only are our products free of harmful emissions common amongst chemically synthetic candles, our glass jars remain completely reusable for just about any occasion.  Sustainability at its finest!

We understand that the actions we take everyday, both good and bad, while small can scale to enormous measure when it comes to impacting the global environment.

Earth Day is upon us and while many individuals take time to evaluate their carbon footprint, we strive to support charitable causes that are aligned with our pledge to ensure a brighter future for the world we live in.  By helping those in need and bringing people together from all walks of life, we hope their efforts reinforce the demand for change by urging sustainable consumerism and raising awareness about human environmental impacts.

Today we are excited to introduce one of the environmentally-based organizations that we support; A.U.M. Films & Media, a local non-profit production company based out of San Francisco–just like us!  Many of you may be familiar with A.U.M.’s debut film, “Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret” that was released in 2015 via Netflix.  (If not, we highly recommend it!)  Executively produced by Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCaprio, the film was widely received by audiences and critics alike.  

With climate change becoming more and more present, it’s time to take action.  91% of Brazil’s Amazon rainforest has been destroyed while our oceans are becoming exceedingly toxic and sparse of life.  Here at home, the climate crisis has left California in a record-breaking water shortage.  Early last year, Governor Jerry Brown issued a state of emergency when California’s current drought status was ranked as exceptional, issuing stringent regulations and plans for conservation.  However, our state’s water crisis is only a fraction of the destruction that proliferates on a daily Climate Change - Earth Daybasis.

So what does that mean for the rest of us?  One word: sustainability.  By definition, sustainability aims to maintain biodiversity indefinitely through a system of ecological ‘checks and balances’ proven to be a pivotal role in slowing down the detrimental effects of a growing global population.

In celebration of Earth Day, we have decided to double our charitable donations, not just today but all week long.  For every candle purchased today (4/22) until Saturday, 4/30, we’ll donate 20% of the proceeds directly to environmentally-focused organizations including A.U.M. Films in combating climate change.  Join Mason Jar Candles Inc. and A.U.M. Films and become a part of a noteworthy cause.  Show your support by purchasing sustainable soy candles and make a vow to go vegan today!  These small steps can achieve major output if everyone does their part.

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1 thought on “Make a Difference this Earth Day with Mason Jar Candles Inc. & A.U.M. Films

  • Hannah,

    This is such a great post! I love that Mason Jar Candles are advocating to help keep our environment pure. We need more companies like this one to support matters that affect our everyday lives for centuries to come!

    Keep up the good works guys.

    Very Pleased Customer

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