History of the good ol’ Mason Jar

From canning jars to flower pots, the mason jar has long been a staple collectable for housewares. Dating back to as early as the civil war, the mason jar has been used to contain and preserve perishable foods, including: fruits, nuts, pasta, pies, vegetables & much more.

The original mason jar brand was introduced by the Ball Corporation. Today there are three marquee brands, including Kerr, Ball & Golden Harvest, all owned by the parent company Jarden. The jar is made from soda-lime glass, also called soda-lime silica glass, the most popular type of glass in existence. The jars are tempered, durable and canMason Jar Manufacturing Plant be softened and re-softened, ideal for recycling.

The jar was initially called a wax sealer because they used wax that would help seal the jar tight after being fastened by a two-piece tin lid.  The jar has always been thought to be special because of this two piece lid as its easily air & water tight sealed, but also able to be opened by hand without a struggle.

Mason jars today are used for a varietal of the same purposes it was originally invented for over a century and a half ago.  In addition to food preservation, many people collect mason jars because they are incredibly useful and serve for lots of other common purposes around the house.  Other uses include:  Collections of buttons, coins, pins, seashells; paint brush holders, vases, pots for flowers, candles and even as a vessel for alcoholic beverages.

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