Need a Last Minute Mom’s Day Gift?… Get Mothers Day Candles!

Whats Mothers Day without Mothers Day Candles?

Sunday is almost here and you know what that means–Mother’s Day is just around the Mothers Day Candles
corner, presenting many of us with the panicked question:
“What do I get for my mother (or aunt, grandmother, friend, etc.)?”  How do we know this to be true?  Because we’ve all found ourselves in a similar predicament, debating whether or not a bouquet of flowers and box of chocolates suffices, or if traditional is too cliched in this day and age where a new dawn comes with a handful of new ideas and trends.  

But not every wheel needs to be entirely reinvented.  And not every gift has to be as predictable as flowers or as unnerving as a box of mysterious filled chocolates.  

Give her Mothers Day candles! Thats where Mason Jar Candles comes in, a San Francisco based candle company with a mission to give back on every purchase made–a facet all mothers can get behind and support.  And of course there is our beloved selection of organic soy jar candles stylishly nestled inside a mason jar with an assortment of lids to match any room and any occasion.  

Familiar yet modern, and here to brighten up your day!  Offering a variety of fresh scents including lavender fields, jasmine, french flower garden, coconut mango, and red currant–A Mason jar candle is definitely a gift that keeps giving!  Adding charm and plenty of warmth, our organic soy jar candles are the perfect match for moms.  Providing only the best ingredients and materials, our candles are guaranteed to deliver endless hours of robust fragrance, burn clean, and last longer than mom’s average household candle.

What’s our secret?  Like we mentioned earlier, not every wheel requires an overhaul.  Here at Mason Jar Candles, we strive to adhere by sustainability and reusability in hopes that our efforts will make this planet a better and safer space for future families.  If you can teach an old dog new tricks (and that has been proven), then surely one can find a way to repurpose our jars when the candle has finished.

Before you change your mind about those flowers, you may want to reconsider.  In fact, they’d make the perfect companion to one of our jar candles and remind your special recipient of the many ways to utilize the mason jar.  From flower vase to on-the-go chocolates container, this glass jar has lots of tricks in its repertoire.  Why not get something for mom that she can be proud of and use over and over again.  

Happy Mother’s Day!


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