The Mason Jar Candle

Mason jar candles come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, scents and hues.  With growing popularity, the mason jar has become one of the most iconic candles you can find.  Candles have always come in your typical glass jar or pillar style, but the jar rarely was distinguishable from one to the next.  You may be able to recognize a Yankee candle jar, Root candle jar or a Village candle jar if you’re a loyal customer of these brands.  However, if you’re browsing in a candle aisle, you may not know the brand of a particular jar without its name plastered on the side.

The mason jar on the other hand stands out with oMason Jar Candle - Black Lidut a brand.  Yes, many mason jars are branded by the legacy brands of Ball, Kerr and Golden Harvest; nevertheless, if a jar sits in front of you without the name showing, most people are able to depict that it is a “mason jar” rather than just a glass jar that was once a candle.

This strong tie gives many people a sense of pride and a feeling of home when they see a mason jar.  A mason jar is a symbol of something being kept, something being stored and even something being collected.  For decades, people have procured these jars from various means.  The jar is often kept beyond its intended use and serves a purpose well past its intrinsic value.  This very reason keeps the mason jar at the apex of the candle jar business.  Mason jar candles are sought after for both their aesthetic beauty during the life of its burn; as well as its life after its wick flickers out.


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