February 23, 2016

Wedding Candles

The day is finally upon you, its your wedding day.  A day you’ve been dreaming of since you were a child.  Make sure special day as memorable as possible with a decorative arrangement that’ll light up and sparkle in your memories forever.

When considering the proper wedding centerpiece, a candle makes for an ideal decorative.  It not only is gorgeous, but wedding candles also emit a glow and accompanying fragrance for your wedding guests to enjoy.

A Mason jar candle for your wedding also makes for a memorable keepsake for your guests to take home and enjoy for many Wedding-Candles months after the wedding is over.  Candles at your wedding make for a perfect party favor.  You can even personalize your jar or lid with a custom label and text to add to your wedding theme.

From outdoors on a white sandy beach to indoors among an ancient historic chapel, wedding candles fit great into your theme.

Mason jar wedding candles wedding – Use not only as table centerpieces but also to decorate buffet tables and ornament other tables to allow for dim lighting with a great low-light glow.

For tips and ideas on how to best use Mason jar candles at your wedding, take a look here.  Our candles work well with rustic, contemporary, modern, fancy and various other themes.

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